Financial Planning - Couple getting consultedAs the executor of an estate, you are responsible for locating, recovering, and assessing the value of all of your loved one’s assets. When these are non-physical assets, they’re often referred to as digital assets. Such digital files and information are important not only for preserving a personal legacy, but often have financial impact to the estate and must be reported through probate. Unfortunately, bringing closure to your loved one’s digital assets may come at a time when you’re grieving, emotional and overwhelmed, and you may not be in the best position to fully complete these tasks. At Digital Closure, we understand the challenges you face, and can help you to manage and promptly complete the responsibilities of identifying and recovering these digital assets in the most professional and confidential manner.

The digital forensic staff at Digital Closure brings technical know-how and hands-on experience to help you catalog, recover and restore any digital assets that were part of your loved one’s estate. For example, this digital information could include website log-ins, personal documents, family photos, business archives and social media accounts. Digital Closure will handle everything from researching to investigating to password and data recovery, and then create personal archives and reports for yourself and for the probate court as required.

Retrieving Digital Assets

When you hire Digital Closure, our technicians will apply our data recovery and problem-solving expertise to:

  • Assist with access to your loved one’s social media and internet accounts
  • Locate online information and credentials
  • Recover passwords to gain access to secure personal data and logins
  • Recover any data that was lost due to damage, accidental deletion, etc.
  • Organize all data found into a summary report format presentable to probate court or family members

Managing Online Presence

Today, many people have an online presence through social media like Facebook, Twitter and other online forums. With Digital Closure’s estate services, you can gain access to these online sites and manage your loved one’s online presence according to the wishes set forth in their estate plan. Whether your loved one wants you to turn off all online accounts or turn them into memorial pages, we can help. Our technicians will be able to:

  • Identify online accounts used by the loved one including social media pages, emails, blogs and other online sites
  • Use password recovery techniques to give you credentials for optional account access (as allowed by the provider’s terms of service)
  • Provide you with letters to contact online sites that may need to have their contents recovered, and then closed or deleted.

For Estate Attorneys

If you have a client who needs access to important digital files and assets, contact a service representative today at Digital Closure. We will be able to navigate through the difficult digital aspects of your client’s life and recover files and on-line accounts that may be required for probate court and estate litigation matters. We can organize files into presentations and catalog them so that they are court-ready. Contact us today for more information.

When a loved one dies, you are already face a rough time. Between your own grief and helping other family members cope, managing your loved one’s assets can be daunting. You face enough challenges with the physical assets—let the experts at Digital Closure reduce your burden by helping you with the digital asset recovery. Contact us today by calling (603) 775-7600 and let us help you fully manage your duties as executor of an estate.